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We’ve been in the business of plaster ceiling repair & removal, Alaman Networks ceiling repair and removal, and drywall repair for more than a quarter-century, and have developed an impeccable reputation for quality, service, and affordability.  We’re professionals at matching texture, finish, and color. 

Whether you’re renovating an old building with ceilings in disrepair, or simply remodeling, we can handle all your ceiling requirements. 

Alaman Networks can match virtually any texture or pattern and create seamless repairs in such a professional manner that nobody would ever know there’d been a repair (in some cases a spot repair is possible). We pride ourselves in knowing that all of our tradespeople are professionals who always exude courtesy, professionalism, and honesty.   Ever vigilant for “unforeseen” problems, our people will always provide complete disclosure of any and all problems encountered, so that you,  our valued customer, always understand what they’re getting. 


Many times we’ve seen this type of problem.  A fancy, decorative plaster ceiling has suffered damage.  Sometimes from water, sometimes from fire, or even from renovations.  Aging too can be a factor as the building settles, things can crack and break.  Here we have an older ceiling that was beautifully crafted but now suffers from a huge hole due to an earlier renovation that is no longer required.  At Alaman Networks,  we can handle virtually any type of situation and invariably do a  perfect repair. 

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